Blokus (Block us)

Team:Siddharth Chauhan, Emily Keen, Patrick Mize, Mukul SatiFile:Blokus.jpg

We played and analysed the game Blokus.

The objective of the game is to minimize  the number of squares that you have available to you at the end of the game, by planning strategically how to place them from the outset, while adhering to certain constraints imposed by the game.



  1. It was the right amount of time. The game we played was over in about 20 minutes. Even a somewhat more thought out game would still take not more than 30 minutes perhaps.
  2. Learning curve is less. There are just a couple of rules governing the placement of your blocks.
  3. Still, once you get the hold of it, its got its nuances – strategic yet simple.


  1. No forgiveness in the game. The gameplay is essentially eliminative and unforgiving. If you make a mistake once, its difficult to recover from it.


  1. You’ve got modifications possible. <Discussed below>


  1. As with most other board games, the risk of missing board pieces, along with the pieces being a potential choke hazard.

Digitization / modification:

A couple of ideas we came up with are:

  1. We could make it easier in the digitized version by telling people where a particular piece might fit in. This would be useful in a lower difficulty setting.
  2. If only I could set this right – makes the weakness of being too eliminative a bit less by allowing you to pick up a piece and change it at the end game, and see where this leads to.

Blokus for good:

As Blokus is a very simple game to pick up, it can easily be used for engaging children in a fun-learning activity. It is also helpful in improving spatial awareness, and thus, could perhaps be used for patient rehabilitation.

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