SWOT Analysis – RUMIS


Worldwide award winning strategy gameSWOT:

Team Members: Dinesh , Surabhi , Harish , Sudarsanan


RUMIS is a 4 player strategy based board game. Each player is given their own set of blocks of a certain color. The players start arranging the blocks over the board while following certain constraints like the colors of same block should always be in touch and also the height should not exceed 4 blocks. The winner is decided based on whichever color is visible the most once all the players have completed their play.

      1. SWOT
        • Strengths: The game is very entertaining as it makes us to think about the future moves. The game also has multiple constraints which requires which requires a lot of cognitive thinking to play the game.
        • Weakness: The structure built becomes more brittle and easier to tumble as the game progresses making it difficult to be played by kids of smaller age groups.
        • Opportunities: Can  make the blocks magnetic so that the structure remains strong even if someone accidentally disturbed it. Also the boards can be made larger providing more game play time and more entertainment.
      2. DIGITIZATION: The game can be transformed into the digital world by introducing a virtual game board along with bigger sized blocks of various colors which the players can pick up and place it over in the virtual board. This will make the game more interesting as it will be equal to building something in the real world.
      3. OTHER AREAS OF USAGE: This game can be used as a medium for people who have trouble socializing with a group as it encourages people to interact with one another. Also the game can be used for training the cognitive areas of the brain for people who are suffering from diseases like Alzheimer or other brain disorders.

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