Blokus 3D

Game: Blokus 3D

Players: Yan-Ling Chen, Dustin Harris, Chih-Pin Hsiao, Nathan Weitzner


  1. Easy to learn the basic rules

    Blokus 3D

    Blokus 3D

  2. Opportunity for improving strategy
  3. Many different outcomes possible
  4. Good educational tool for kids, 3D spacial reasoning


  1. Instructions are somewhat ambiguous
  2. The board is shaky when moving and rotating.
  3. The pace of the game is quite slow
  4. It seems that after 20-30 minutes, players might loose interest in playing
  5. Small pieces can get lost / eaten / choked on


  1. Design more patterns – each pattern makes players develop new stratigies
  2. Make the blocks and board more stable
  3. Improve the instructions by clarifying ambiguous images and removing redundant instructions
  4. Have some way to speed up the pace of the game


  1. Blocking a player removes them from the game
  2. Covering another player’s blocks lowers their score

Digital Version:

  • A computerized version of this game could be difficult to play. The players would have the added challenge of navigating the virtual 3D space from the 2D representation.  However, this could provide an opportunity for children to improve their computer skills.
  • The digital version could come with a tangible block that the user could turn to orient the virtual blocks
  • Digitalized version could clear up instructions- computer can prevent illegal moves.
  • Opportunity for asynchronous and remote gameplay through a network.
  • Loosing pieces of the game would not be an issue. Additionally, one could play with any number of blocks. There could also be different difficulty settings which give users more difficult patterns of blocks.





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