Bendominoes – SWOT analysis


Bendominoes is a simple turn based strategy game suited for 2-4 players. The games consists of c-shaped tiles with 2 pictures on it.  The game starts with each player being given 4 such tiles. The first player gets to lay down any tile of his choice. The next player has to lay down a tile adjacent to the first tile so that the pictures in both the tile matches. Subsequent players have to lay down tiles to match the picture of the tile in the outer edges. If a player cant match the picture he draws a tile from the pile. The first person to exhaust all the tiles is the winner. If no more matching can be done and the pile is empty then the person with the least number of tiles win


The game was very simple and fun. Could be played by any age group



Owing to the very simple nature of the game the person who is starting always seems to win(which is always the youngest person).



The game pieces are designed in a such a way to prevent a circular arrangement. This seems to be very similar to a deadlock situation. There is a potential for algorithms in deadlock prevention to be used for the design of this game


Compiled by,

Anjali, Neelima, Shasank, Shrihari, Suraj


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