Gobblet – SWOT analysis


Gobblet is a turn based strategy game which can be played by two people. The game consists of a 4*4 play board and each person is given three stacks of 4 hollow goblets which can be stacked on top of each other. The objective of the game is to place 4 pieces of the same color in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally). At each turn a player can place a goblet on the board or move an existing goblet on the board or choose to “gobble” an opponents piece, which involves placing the players goblet to cover the opponents goblet and is possible only when the player’s goblet is larger than the opponent’s goblet. There are other rules governing the “gobble” action.


The game combines aspects of chess(piece capturing) and tic-tac-toe which makes it really interesting to play

Owing to the nature of the rules, it is possible for the player to come up with multiple strategies to conquer the game


Some of the rules defined are ambiguous and might lead to confusion during game play.

Only two player can play the game.


The play board and the number of pieces can be increased giving rise to more complex strategies

The “gobbling” rules can be tweaked around a little bit to make the game simpler(or complex)


An AI for playing the game could be developed by combining the elements of a chess and a tic-tac-toe AI. Since the game does not involve multiple move patterns or end game scenarios, like chess, the design should be much simpler.

Certain goblet position can always represent an end game favoring one player(like in tic-tac-toe) . Algorithms can be developed to identify these scenarios and come up with moves leading to the end game.

Compiled by,

Anjali, Neelima, Shasank, Shrihari, Suraj


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