Metal Puzzles – SWOT

Player: Yida Gong

About: 12 metal puzzles. Challenge your family and friends to separate the puzzle pieces. Have hours of fun solving these 12 intriguing puzzles.


1. It is very easy to understand the purpose of this game: to separate the parts or to joint the parts.

2. They are called puzzles and they are intriguing. When the puzzles are solved, players can have feelings like magical things. Thus, players can be attracted.

3. The material is metal, so they look like exquisite. The metal rang is a kind of sound feedback to players.

4. They are small, easy to take with.


1. Players may lose patience after playing for a long time without success.

2. It is easy to mix all the parts up.

3. Once the players get the anwser, they will not be intersted.

4. Players may be mislead by the toys because of inaccuracy of some parts.

5. Once one part lost, the game cannot be continued.


1. Players can learn something about joint.

2. The game can improve ability of operation of players.


1. The small parts are dangerous for little children.

2. The parts may hurt players’ hands if players push too hard.


I think the digital version of this game is a challenge, because the most interesting part of this game is interactivity between players and toy. In the digital version, players cannot touch the toy and try all the angles. This puzzle is 3D, while most digital puzzles are 2D.

As players judge whether it gonna be successful by their hands most time, maybe the digital version can add display of strength or other feedback of strength.

Different Purposes:

1. It can be decoration on bags.

2. We can learn from it about joints.

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