SWOT Analysis- Katamino and Tangram

Group members: Shrihari M, Neelima Sailaja, Shashank Raghu, Suraj Saripalli, Anjali Ashok.

We picked up a few games to play with, one of them being Katamino. The objective of the game was to fit in a set of oddly shaped blocks into a rectangular space provided in the form of a board. There was no clear winner or loser, just an aim to complete the puzzle correctly.


1. Interactive, promotes collaboration with others.

2. Helps with learning geometric figures and visualization to a certain extent.

3. Can be used as 2 different games, with different approaches providing the same ending.


1. No proper pictorial representations to aid in understanding.

2. Confusing for young kids. (The game says ages 3+, but we were thoroughly confused in the beginning!)


1. A packing algorithm could be used to design a game to enable young kids to learn how to code using visual aids like the blocks.

2. It can be used as a pedagogical device to help in understanding geometric shapes and angles.


1. Initially not understandable and can lead to confusion and make one feel inadequate!

As already mentioned before, in order to have a digital version of the game, a packing algorithm can be used to create a set of blocks that lead to a set of solutions and can enable users to have many solutions to the same problem, based on the shape and configuration of each block.


The game consists of seven flat shapes, called tans, which are put together to form shapes. The objective of the puzzle is to form a specific shape (given only an outline or silhouette) using all seven pieces, which may not overlap. The particular puzzle set we got, had two sets f the seven tans and we set out to create a table and chair based on certain illustrations provided in the pamphlet that came with the game. 


1. Stimulates the mind.

2. Two sets available and can be used by 2 players.

3. Increases creativity, very open-ended and can be made into anything!

4. Self-explanatory game. (Put pieces together to form any shape you want)


1.Small parts which tend to get lost!

2. Lack of certain instructions to start off.

3. Maximum of 2 players can play with it.

4. Interaction limited.


1. Can be made into a timed game to increase the competitive atmosphere.

The game can be made into a digital version by having a touch screen provided by parts of the tangram puzzle (tans), and they can be moved about (rotated) to fit into a workspace. To make it easier, an outline of the final figure can be provided to help with visualization.


One Comment to “SWOT Analysis- Katamino and Tangram”

  1. Of the two, I think I like Tangram more because it is easily portable, does not take an awful lot of time and intellectually stimulating at the same time. So it would be the perfect combination as a stress-breaker for people of all ages.

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