Bendominoes Junior

Game: Bendominoes Junior

Players: Yan-Ling Chen, Dustin Harris, Chih-Pin Hsiao, Nathan Weitzner, Andrew Harbor


  1. Players collaborate to produce an appealing visual design
  2. Simple instructions allow players of all ages to participate
  3. Ambiguity in instructions can teach kids creative problem solving


  1. Does not allow for sophisticated strategies for advanced players
  2. Success in this game is dependent upon luck
  3. Instructions do not account for all possible player moves


  1. Should be more complicated if you want to appeal to older players
  2. Example: you could have several types of birds, and kids could either make exact matches or match by category

Digital Version:

  1. Add sounds or animations. There are seven types of dominoes in this game, so they could play music notes A-G
  2. Uses pieces as a “fence” and try to trap a digital animal running around on the screen

Other Uses:

  1. For healthcare: Alzheimer’s patients could place family members’ pictures on the tiles and match them
  2. For learning: Students of foreign languages could match images with foreign words (for example, an image of a butterfly and the word mariposa)

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