Rumis – SWOT Analysis

Team: Arun Padmanabhan, Kevin Kraemer, Michael Schornak, Prashasti Baid

Rumis is a board game in which each player is given a set of 3 dimensional pieces and the players have to construct different buildings based on the maps they are playing. There are specific limitations on the height of each block in the map. No two pieces proved to the player are of the same shape and each player can only place his piece adjacent to a piece of his own color. There are several interesting points about this game which we have captured below.


This game teaches you planning and spatial reasoning.

There are different maps available which present different sets of challenges.

No two games are similar because of the large number of possible combinations.


The learning curve required is somewhat steep compared to other board games.

A player could do an illegal move and be unaware of it if the map size is large. This is because the rules are written down on the board which gets covered by the pieces as the game progresses.


Ability to design your own piece. We could ask each player to design his own piece in advance before the start of the game to add in the player’s creativity into the game.

Add a minimap to display the rules

Use magnets for the blocks so that they dont fall off the board.


The blocks fall off beyond a certain height.

Old people or young kids with not so good dexterity cannot play this game.

In a game with more than 2 players, players could easily gang up and block another player from making further moves.


We could use motion control systems like Kinect to recognize gestures. We could then use these gestures to turn the pieces around, rotate the board and place them at the required position.

We could allow players to generate custom maps.

We could create an online forum where we could let players share their maps. The maps would be ordered on difficulty based on player feedback. Players could compete on the points scored by winning the map.

An illegal move would be easily prevented by the computer. The computer calculates the winning criteria. Right now the counting has to be done manually.


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