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October 31, 2012

DIA Calendar


Text from the article:

Dia is a clever twist on the calendar that provides an interactive and fun way to interpret passing time. The system is based on 366 (one extra for leap years) modified puzzle pieces that can link to any neighboring piece, allowing you to create a visual expression of how YOU see the year! It won’t help keep track of daily tasks, but after it’s completed it can be kept as a framed keepsake to reflect on years passed.

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October 31, 2012

“A toy that has a reason to exist”


This is an article about a new toy concept (it’s just a prototype- it’s not commercially produced, yet) where a child can play a game whilst also actually doing something productive.

October 31, 2012



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October 31, 2012

WarioWare D.I.Y.

I’ve been interested in game creation software ever since I was in elementary school. I remember using tools such as Apple’s Cocoa/Stagecast Creator and Clickteam’s Multimedia Fusion because their rule-based game creation was intuitive for applications that were mostly visual. I used Multimedia Fusion to create Sonic the Hedgehog fan games. While these tools gave you a lot of freedom to build your game, the rule-based structure becomes difficult to manage in larger game-making efforts. Enter: WarioWare D.I.Y.

WarioWare D.I.Y. is an effective game creation tool because it manages scope. All games that you create have to be winnable in 5 seconds. This means that even if you don’t have the patience to create your own JRPG, you can definitely sit down and churn out five seconds of gameplay. This concept also works perfectly with the WarioWare ecosystem. WarioWare games are mashups of hundreds of short gaming challenges. By letting players make their own minigames, the team is giving players a way to share their ideas, and for everyone to download fresh game content on a regular basis

October 31, 2012

Super Mario Tangram

Hey guyz,

Here is an interesting collaboration of Super Mario and Tangram…. Check it out…. 🙂

October 31, 2012

Another Inspiration

This is another game that proved to be an inspiration for a second game design idea

October 31, 2012

Beyond Fun: Serious Games and Media

Videogames and the Future of Education – Ian Bogost

I found this chapter interesting and kind of related to our project. Our design game idea aims at designing and creating a game that is not only entertaining but also motivates improvement of people’s concentration and attention span.Multiple difficulty levels within the game will train the players’ minds to adapt, keep up with and overcome challenging situations. It is intended to encourage collaboration as well as competition.We want our game design to have some educational value along with being fun to play! 

This article talks about how games, video games in particular, can help children become well-educated rather than just well-schooled. It talks about how the two are different from each other and how well-educated children can do better in their lives. A lot of thought has been put into using video games more for the purpose of education rather than just entertainment for several years, however unfortunately, it has not been implemented very widely. It elaborates on the various issues that is hampering the use of video games as one of the educational mediums. There are a number of social, political and educational issues that stand in the way.

Schooling is all about discipline, competition,  and winning. A lot of parents do not believe in video games as an educational medium. They feel that their children need to study for tests and score really well rather than waste time playing video games. Educators focus more on books and tests and do not appreciate video games as educational media. Schools consider gaming as an accessory, just a recreation or a waste of time. Video games and conventional schooling techniques need to go hand-in-hand. There needs to be a balance between the two since both are equally important. The video games also need to be designed wisely so that they can be appreciated by a larger audience and become widely accepted as part of the educational media. Towards the end, this article talks about different ways of incorporating video games into conventional educational strategies so that children can benefit from both the media. 

October 31, 2012

1 minute video

Hey guyz, this is the one minute video that Bala, Manoj and I had presented…. It is based on the Digital Leaf Collage and the Escape Machine 🙂

October 30, 2012

A school where learning is a game….

An interesting article:

October 30, 2012

Project Idea Inspiration