SWOT Analysis – Bohnanza

– Chia Chi (Teresa) Lee, Saie Deshpande



  • Good for learning management/accounting strategies
  • Many people can play at once
  • Losing a card does not make much difference


  • Huge learning curve
  • Each game takes a long time to complete
  • The game requires certain intellectual level


  • An alternative approach to teaching management/accounting skill at schools


  • Paper cut!


  • As an online game, people all over the world can play together.
  • Any number of people can play.
  • Tutorials or in-game guides can be built.
  • The computer will prevent players for making wrong moves.
  • You can extend the game to have larger variety of vegetables.


  • Can be used to teach secondary or postsecondary students management/accounting skill
  • Used by companies for training new managers
  • Entertainment for family or friends get-togethers

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