Making visible: Using simulation and game environments across disciplines

The chapter that I read was about using simulation games mostly in education and training disciplines.

Application can vary from historical to business simulations to warfare. To simulate historical events could be the most useful and generic way of utilizing a simulation tool. Something that I thought while reading was how this could be applied to the field of Computer Science. Since CS is such a large field, some simulations are more easily considered than others. For example, a simulation of a robot’s interaction in a real 3D space given a certain planning algorithm and a task to perform. Other parts of CS are harder to think about simulating. HCI in my opinion is an example of this. It may seem from first thoughts that simulating human interaction with a designed system wouldn’t be the easiest to simulate. However, if you break this down into a series of “tests” the task can seem much more viable. For example, designing a system that could calculate Fitt’s Law for the interface and give you dynamic feedback for system when you change it. Information visualization is very important to give you simulation results in a useful way. Without it, depending on the type of simulation, much of the value that can be learned is lost.

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