Cogsketch Review

I tried out Cogsketch just a few minutes ago, and below is a short review of what i thought about it.

The interface is nice, it looks like  MS Paint, but with a lot less features. I started off with a tutorial in which i was required to draw a person, a cat and a dog. The problem was to make certain relationships and show that the person liked the cat. The tutorial was very helpful in making me comfortable with features such as glyphs, which is the basic unit in Cogsketch. Step by step, we went through adding, removing, separating and joining glyphs. The interesting thing about the glyphs itself, is that we can identify a glyph to be either an entity, an annotation or a thing, which allows the Cogsketch software to recognise and use these facts as part of its learning.


At one stage in the tutorial, we needed to show that the person liked the cat. What we end up doing is make the cat like the person, and define a relationship using an arrow, from cat to person. There is a feedback button which we use to see if we’ve done the right thing, according to the problem statement defined. It shows us that we’ve done the opposite, so we need to change the direction of the arrow and indicate that the person likes the cat and not vice-versa! Thus, the tool learns that the cat needs to be liked by a person, and must not like a person as indicated by the problem statement.

The below screen capture is the final sketch at the end of the tutorial. (I forgot to name the person! And yes, the dog’s name is Tommy, the cat’s name is Bekku, which translates to cat in Kannada- a South Indian language.)


Overall I thought of Cogsketch as a great software which learns and allows us to create a world, define our own objects and interactions between these objects, and use these interactions to create a story based on the characters and their relationships!



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