Flow Free

Flow free is a game that is about joining the dots of similar colors in a manner that fills up a square matrix completely with the colors.

I have been playing this game on my phone for the past few weeks and it is very, very obsessive. If you have an iPhone or an Android smart phone, this is the game to download. It requires smart thinking, it is quick and can be understood by anyone(from a 4 year old to an 84 year old). The game itself is so simple that you don’t even realize that you’re doing basic problem solving.

A level in Flow Free

A great way to sharpen your mind and get ’em brain cells going!

Also, in a not-so-related topic, this song, Nenjukulle(which means ‘in my heart’), has been in my mind for a few days and has been stuck there! (P. S. It is a song in a South Indian language, Tamil, composed by A R Rahman).


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