“Curiosity: An Audacious Mobile Game You Just Can’t Help But Play”

Article text:

Hundreds of thousands of players have already helped chip away at Peter Molyneux’s cube, but only one will discover the secret hidden inside it.

The name tells you the objective, and the reason you’ll feel compelled to pursue it, in reverse order. “Curiosity–What’s Inside the Cube?” is the newest game from Peter Molyneux, the infamous designer whose unorthodox titles have alternatingly delighted and disappointed gamers for the better part of the last two decades. But calling Curiosity a “game” requires a somewhat loose definition of the term. Essentially, players tap their smartphone screens to chip away at a massive virtual cube, its layers falling away in real time as people from around the world chisel away tirelessly with their fingertips. Until the last cubelet has been chiseled, that is, and a single player discovers the secret of what’s inside.


Instead of drawing in players with cute characters, addictive mechanics, or meaningless high scores, here, mystery is the main attraction. There are some other diversions to be found: You can gain multipliers with sustained tapping, earn gold for an in-game store that’s yet to open, and enjoy messages, patterns, and doodles graffitied in by other players. But the real draw is the big secret.

Molyneux hasn’t told anyone what’s at the center of the cube, though in interviews he has referred to it as “amazing” and “life-changing.” In terms of the way video-game incentives conventionally work, it’s diabolically unfair. Thousands of people play; only one wins. But it also represents a daring new idea of what a mobile game can be–a synchronous, shared experience where everyone is playing on the same team and there’s not really anyone on the other side. Except for maybe Molyneux himself.

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Link to game in Google play and App store 

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