Playing games to improve emotional intelligence

To most engineers like me, the idea of emotional intelligence being an equally important factor for success as IQ seems tough and unfair to take in. After reading lots of articles and pursuing  a class on organizational behavior, I had to accept the fact that fortunately or unfortunately EI does play an important role in organizations. Simple simulations give very predictable results every time (human behavior being one of the most predictable behaviors). Success rate for individuals based on their EI level, predicted by the results, is usually pretty accurate in real life (yes, more accurate than that predicted using IQ levels) . Seems unfair but EI is an essential skill to imbibe even for the smartest people out there.

Games are a great way to hone your EI skills and I find them very interesting to play too. There are various games tailor made for such purposes. Its difficult to describe any one of them here as they are not easy to describe, just easy to play 🙂

Anyway, here is a paper which was published in the past and describes both, importance of EI and also a game for developing EI.


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