Are games better than life?

Can a video game make you cry? This is one of the subjects that game developers dwell upon at conferences. With the exponential improvements in audio in graphics of video games in a short span of time, the lines between real life and video games is becoming blurred for many. Games like ‘World of Warcraft’ and ‘Farmville’ are a testament to this with people spending real money to buy fake land.
“Play enough video games and eventually you will really believe you can fly a plane, snowboard, drive a nine-second quarter mile, or kill a man”.

This talk by David Perry takes us into the lives and minds of video game driven lives for whom the virtual world is perhaps more real than the one that surrounds them.

“When I’m driving down the road at sunset all I can think is -this is almost as beautiful as my games are.”

“But maybe brainwashing isn’t always bad. Imagine a game that teaches us to respect each other or helps us to understand the problems we are all facing.”


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