My Graphics Project

Almost Hamiltonian Traversal And Vine Growth
This is the final project that I’d made for my Computer Graphics class (team of 2). Using the RINGEXPANDER algorithm from LR: Compact Connectivity representation for triangle meshes (, we performed an almost Hamiltonian traversal of a mesh, and from the triangles visited, drew an animated growing vine. The key takeaways were:
  1. The triangles visited from a root triangle are either to the left (L triangle) or the right (R triangle) of the root triangle. This yields a tree structure, similar to L-systems ( used for procedurally modeling plants.
  2. Vines flow, instead of branches being straight lines. A spline would be a good approximation of the path taken by the vines. We used Catmull-Rom splines for our branches, which, being interpolating, closely follow our node points .Wine Growth

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