Pallankuzhi- A traditional Indian game

Pallankuzhi is a traditional ‘sowing’ or ‘count and capture’ game played in South India. This game is played on a wooden board using shells or coralwood seeds. This is a 2 player game with 14 pits in the wooden board, 7 for each player. As the game proceeds, each player distributes the shells over the pits one by one until his hand is exhausted and takes out the shells in the pit where he finished. There are several rules on how to capture a pit and techniques on how to prevent you opponent capturing your pit.

This game was used to teach kids the basics of counting and improved hand-eye coordination. This used to be a pretty popular game which I played in childhood. Sadly, it is slowly fading away due to the advent of modern games. It is still played in rural India.

Articles on the game:



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