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December 17, 2012

Game for Kid development

The concept of the game is really simple. It’s also from our school!!

Please see here.


December 17, 2012

Disney licensed Monster Inc to an amazing mobile game!!

Who says licensed games from movie or animations are bad? This one looks really good. Unfortunately, it’s only on iOS. The Verge also analyze why it’s not suck.


December 17, 2012

An addictive flash game

This game is really addictive!!



December 17, 2012

Listen How the experienced game designer says

Here is a post from Tech Crunch. It invites the experienced game designer and write a special topic about it.

December 14, 2012

New game from DigiPen Institute of Technology

This game bend 2D and 3D virtual world and let your avatar running between them!!

December 14, 2012


I like the display everywhere. However, I think using “Nature User Interfaces” in an entire house will make the resident’s arms painful.
Openarch is a real prototype of a smart home. The first home designed from scratch to incorporate a digital layer connecting the house and its elements to the Internet. Its inhabitants lead a new digital and connected life. It is flexible and thanks to its ability to transform, it can adapt to any condition that the user requires. The digital layer – which from now on we will call D. OS (domestic operating system) – includes a series of components that allow users to stay connected to anyone or any place; control the house’s components by the movement of the body; hold conferences from home; know the power consumption at any time; activate any electrical household appliance from work; share a live video of your cooking recipes with the rest of the world; create your own TV set in the lounge, and so on.

December 14, 2012

New and Small Depth Sensor is coming from Prime

Please see here


Good things do come in small packages and this year at CES 2013, we shall reveal Capri 1.25, the world’s smallest 3D sensing device.

Capri utilizes the next generation System on Chip, it is tiny and has small cost to match. This along with its break-through reference design, it’s perfect for embedding in consumer electronics devices such as PC’s tablets, laptops, mobile phones, TVs, consumer robotics…really anything you can think of.


Capri will bring Natural Interaction® to numerous devices and markets, improving their performance and usability in ways we could not imagine before.
We’ll unveil Capri in our World of 3D Sensing suite at the Renaissance Hotel Capital Room in Las Vegas, January 8-11 at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Interested in a Capri demo during CES? Please contact alex [at] theinkstudio [dot] com

October 20, 2012

Amazing 3D printer

This company helps people to print out the Fully Assembled artefacts they designed. It even can print out functional scissors!! Amazing!!

October 8, 2012

Folks in MS Research make the precise gesture recognition possible almost anywhere

It’s a UIST paper this year.

Here is the brief description from their website.

Digits: Freehand 3D Interactions Anywhere Using a Wrist-Worn Gloveless Sensor describes technology that recovers the full 3-D pose of the user‘s hand. The paper—co-authored by David Kim, a Microsoft Research Ph.D. Fellow from Newcastle University‘s Culture Lab;Otmar HilligesShahram IzadiAlex Butler, and Jiawen Chen of Microsoft Research’s U.K.-based Cambridge lab; Iason Oikonomidis of Greece’s Foundation for Research & Technology; and Patrick Olivier of Newcastle University’s Culture Lab—describes Digits, a wrist-worn sensor for freehand 3-D interactions on the move. By instrumenting only the wrist, the user’s entire hand is left to interact freely without “data gloves,” input devices worn as gloves that are most often used in virtual-reality applications to facilitate tactile sensing and fine-motion control. The Digits prototype, whose electronics are self-contained on the user’s wrist, optically image the entirety of the user’s hand, enabling freehand interactions in a mobile setting.


August 31, 2012

Sifteo can be played without host computers now

Sifteo is a novel gaming system that composed by multiple cubes with embedded LED display and many other sensors. In the first generation, they need to be in a certain range with a host computer so that the computer can tell what to do next for the cube. Now, the players can play the cubes anywhere without the connection.

For more information: Source