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October 9, 2012

Newtonian Sketching

I had come across this very interesting video a couple of years back, and, since a number of people in class are interested in interactive sketching of some sort/for some purpose (architecture, games, animation, etc), I post this here for inspiration when the going gets tough!

The system, created by people over at MIT, models user-sketched objects, by <I’d guess> mapping them to some basic elements, which obey real-world physics laws, to create a simulate-able scene. The simulation can then be run, and one can watch how the action unfolds.

An aside: Similar implementations can be used to create highly interactive games, that might go a long way towards improving the way students study and grasp Newtonian physics, by enabling them to visualize how the concepts that they read about come into play in the <in our case not-so-real :)> world.